Introduction to Project Management



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This course is designed to be delivered in a workshop environment over two full days.  These two days may be split by up to a week apart or the workshop can be delivered as four half day sessions.  A total of 14 hours plus some research time is required to complete the workshop.  There are a number of activities to complete (see assessment), numerous videos to watch, discussions, brain-storming sessions, case studies to evaluate.  In addition, template documents and completed examples are also provided.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

    • Identify what a Project is.
    • Identify the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager.
    • List popular Project Management Methodologies.
    • Discuss the importance of project planning.
    • List several reasons why projects fail.
    • Identify the key stages in a Project Lifecycle.
    • Explain the purpose of the PMBOK Guide.
    • Identify the five (5) process groups in the PMBOK Guide.
    • Explain the relationship between scope, cost, time and quality.
    • Explain the meaning of key terminology:
      • Projects, Programs and Portfolios of work
      • Project Sponsors
      • Return on Investment
      • Deliverables
      • Milestones
      • Key Stakeholders
      • Metrics
      • Subject Matter Experts
      • Work Breakdown Structure
      • Work Packages
      • Critical Path
    • Conduct a Work Breakdown Structure.
    • Identify the Critical Path for a project.
    • Identify key tasks of Initiating a Project.
    • Identify key tasks of Planning a Project.
    • Identify key tasks of Executing a Project.
    • Identify key tasks of Monitoring and Controlling a Project.
    • Identify key tasks of Closing a Project.


To successfully complete this workshop, the learner is required to complete all of the activities that are listed in the ASSESSMENT section in their workbook.


Participants that successfully complete all of the assessment activities will be eligible to receive a ‚ÄúCertificate of Participation‚ÄĚ.

What others have said about this workshop

It was great attending the Introduction to Project Management training.  It was a refresher to my already knowledge and experience I have. Great job Daryl! - from Terekea

This training has helped me to look beyond my present tasks.  I am looking forward to improve some of my tasks as per my TOR.  Thank you Daryl. - from Joanna

Very good course and I really enjoyed it.  A skill I definately need for my work area so thank you for making it available. - from Sereana

 Good training.  Hope to do more some time.- from Bjorn