Staff Development

Many organisations claim that their most valuable asset is their staff.

How many of these organisations actually have a plan to develop and enhance the skills of these staff?  They often have maintenance contracts and service arrangements to maintain other assets like vehicles, buildings and IT equipment but the needs of staff are often left wanting.

Whether it is the development of staff training plans, career development or the delivery of specific training, Pacific Project Management can help.

Our approach to Staff Development is as follows:

    1. Perform a Training Needs Analysis for all members of the organisation.  This determines current skill shortages by comparing organisational needs against current employee skills.
    2. Identify the priority training needs from this analysis.
    3. Prepare individual training plans for each member of the organisation, in consultation with the staff member and their supervisor.
    4. Identify suitable training and development activities to meet these needs.  This can include a multitude of activities including:
        • attending workshops
        • mentoring by an experienced staff member
        • online training delivery
        • face-to-face classroom training delivery
        • formal education at TVET institutions or University